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  • I001-1 Interview(1/8) About the Rebun International Field School
  • I001-2 Interview(2/8) Trans disciplinary approach and Research Collaboration
  • I001-3 Interview(3/8) Hunter gatherer archaeology in the human history
  • I001-4 Interview(4/8) Working together with Ainu People
  • I001-5 Interview(5/8) Students training
  • I001-6 Interview(6/8) The long term human history for 3500 years from Hamanaka 2 site
  • I001-7 Interview(7/8) Ancient DNA studies from Rebun Island
  • I001-8 Interview(8/8) The restoration of Ancient people and their life
  • I002-1 (1/5)Interview: WEBER Andrzej Project Management Framework
  • I002-2 (2/5)Interview: WEBER Andrzej Size of Project and Research Diversity
  • I002-3 (3/5)Interview: WEBER Andrzej About Rebun International Field School
  • I002-4 (4/5)Interview: WEBER Andrzej The Role of Students in this Project
  • I002-5 (5/5)Interview: WEBER Andrzej Message to Young Scholars
  • I003-1 ロゴマークにこめた想い アイヌ・アート・プロジェクト 代表 結城 幸司 氏
  • I004-1 2015 International Field School in Rebun Island


  • L001-1 Lecture(1/6) Introduction
  • L001-2 Lecture(2/6) The three ethnic groups in Japanese Islands
  • L001-3 Lecture(3/6) Prehistoric population of Okhotsk culture.
  • L001-4 Lecture(4/6) Life-history of Okhotsk culture.
  • L001-5 Lecture(5/6) Reconstruction of prehistoric diet
  • L001-6 Lecture(6/6) Prehistoric anthropological remains from Hamanaka 2 site, Hokkaido
  • L002-1. Victims of Shimabara Rebellion in 1638 excavated from the Hara Castle site, Japan
  • L003-1. Dental metric analysis on human migration among Jomon people in the Atsumi Peninsula area
  • L004-1. Sex Determination from Fragmented and Degenerated DNA ...
  • L005-1.Diversity of food in Edo Period: evidence from ancient calculus DNA analysis
  • L006-1. Isotopic evidence of chronological changes in animal resource use ...
  • L007-1. Current national AINU policy and AINU archaeology ...
  • L008-1. Considering continuity of the first migrants arrived to interior Alaska ...


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